zaterdag 9 februari 2013

Frostie the snowman.... get lost

When I started my challenge on 2500 points I was certain it would be a piece of cake.
However then it started freezing and snowing. It appeared that this week most of the frost would be gone and temperatures would be good enough to use varnisch outside........
So I was overjoyed to open the curtains today and see a new blanket of snow in our garden.
I do have some points painted but I will only be counting them if they are truly complete.

Bugger so far

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Get a gas mask and spray inside my friend!

  2. think of the time you can save by spraying them all at the same time! And you are just lulling the competition into a false sense of security. By the end of the month you'll just declare 2300 points done in one fell swoop! ;)

  3. It snowed a bit this morning here, we have about 4" or more booked for Sunday Night come Monday, oh so nice.

    I'm with painting on and spraying in batches.


  4. @ Francis, I have the mask but my wife insists very strongly that I do so outside ( I will not mention the treats for the faint of heart she makes if I dare do it indoors)

    @Jur, Hmm 2300 maybe hopefully

    @ Ian Tomorrow (this night I think) will see Holland in some snow again if one can believe the forecast....