maandag 14 april 2014

Salute a weekend plus

As it happened a friend of mine needed to hire a car to go to Salute and I had not planned to go (mainly because we bought a newer much bigger car earlier this year). In a stroke of genius he proposed to "hire my car" with me as designated driver and allround Bob. I think the conversation and decision to go probably took less time as it took you to read the previous introduction in my reason for attending Salute.

Crossing the Channel in a completely loaded car through the Eurotunnel turned out to be a breeze and I would recommend people travelling from The Netherlands to consider this form of crossing come next year, or at the very least have a look at the cost and time compared to flying or crossing on top of the Northsea instead of going under it.

Proceedings at Salute and Excel were excellent, everything seemed very organised and as such we were back at the hotel after setup no later than 17:00 local time.

Next day Salute the show for the first time since my last visit in Kensington and one visit to the other venue. Cosy ? No

I don't want to bore you guys and gals with all the details but stuff that caught my attention were in no particular order:

Kerren the battle on a very VERTICAL table (to be honest I mention it first because I thought it the best game at the show for a couple of reasons)

Sword Beach an enormous table and a ONE man venture. This was actually the first time he had the game setup because his house and garden are too small for it.

A 15mm Napoleonic battle again a very vertical game which gave the impression of those diorama's you see at the big war museums around the globe but with actual playing going on !

A Martian table with almost all terrain in reddish brownish colours (almost a red Sepia if that makes sense) except for the miniatures that were used.

The Roman invasion on British soil looked like good fun was had (besides the high level of eyecandyisme)

Rich with his Le Porte table participation game

The wintertable at 4Ground just because the eyecandy effect was very present.

Of course there were numerous other tables and games going on

 that I won't mention all, but the mentioned ones are the games that really stood out for me on the visual and gaming aspect.

The inevitable buying list:

Last Valley terrain (hedges, trees and bocage)

Longstreet card deck (because I only bought one the first time)

4Ground ruined building nr2 and walls (with corners) (all "painted")

Sarissa ruined and complete shop unpainted buildings

Perry ACW Infantry and Artillery plastics box

Warlord Stug III and US and German vehicle decals

War & Conquest rules

Hasslefree Oriental figures (4) in unarmed fighting poses

donderdag 20 maart 2014

Rumours of Sacking

Hengelo, 20 March 2014,

  Rumors are circulating in the painting circuit that the lower management of Paint-in is on the verge of being sacked. In the latest of Coc ups the top brass of the multi-tasking company have stated that "the target was never in sight" and "planning was bad on the verge of being ridiculous".

  Prime customer of Paint-in's million peseta painting deal for his new bought game of Coc (Chain of Command) ventilated that "he had been promised new shiny toys around January 2014 at the latest" but Jur J is still in anticipation of his preciousness.

  The 100+ figures would have been a large part of Paint-In's 1045 point target in Curt's Annual Painting Contest which ended today at 12, with the score o' meter at a mere 490 points.

  One of the companies employees was heard to have said:" it would have taken only a week longer to finish this large group that would have taken the score well above the 1045 committed level". This employee who insisted on staying anonymous did "accidentally" upload a vague image taken earlier today to add to his remarks about this time frame and which can be seen at the blogs Workbench area.

  Hengelo is in anticipation of this new unemployment shocker, and hopes it will not effect local war games industries and subsidiary companies too much.

zaterdag 8 maart 2014

Small Painting entry in the Annual Challenge

8 soldiers from a mix of ranges (the picture for the Artizan figure rifleman failed)

Warlord (I think)

A Bazooka Team from West Wind

Additional Mortar Crew from Warlord

Observer or Mortar crew from Warlord

3rd squad leader from Warlord

maandag 3 maart 2014

Chain of Command Geek

Yes it is official, as of last sunday I am calling myself a Chain of Command Geek.
Absolute great rules have converted me into a true believer (winning my first game had nothing to do with it honest!)

Below you can find a picture story of the game I played with a good friend of mine.

Patrol Phase over

Jump Off points determined and placed

Barbed wire on the road and a German MG on the upper story of the building makes this a virtual no go zone.

First squad deployed just to the left of the center covered on the flank by a scout team.

Germans in the fields.

Some more Germans on my left flank spotted by scouts.

Scouts find a better route on the left flank (A Chain of Command dice makes moving of my leftmost JO point possible) so we can avoid crossing that open terrain.

Sniper team lurking and taking shots at the Germans in the fields.

Local German counterattack in the center defending with 13D6 needing 5 or 6.

The Bog honcho has deployed and is directing mortar fire as well as grenades and trying to rescue the last remaining BAR from the disastrous close combat.

Germans scouting out the right flank and tossing grenades into upper storey windows on direction of a senior leader.

The Germans miss the window and the US GI's retaliate likewise but not missing !!

With nightfall approaching German morale plumets due to losing a junior and senior leader and finally decide that the Fuhrer's arguments are not strong enough for them to stay and retreat to fight another day.

zaterdag 15 februari 2014

US Infantry for Chain of Command and entry number three

The third entry for the competition are some 28mm US Infantry.

They are from different brands (see if you can guess which is what) and are intended for my US infantry Chain of Command force. In spite of the fact that most players seem to have a knack for the Brits or for US para's I decided early on that both for my German and US Force I would be aiming for a standard infantry platoon and add ons.
Because my buying pattern for this force was a bit strange this entry is mostly composed of support troops. A .30 Cal machine gun, 0.50 Cal machine gun a sniper team, a forward observer to call in the battalion mortars, a platoon commander and bazooka team and part of his first squad (rest got lost with the wrong map and no compass).
Combined to a total of 24 figures.
Also included in this entry are 4 resin pieces that serve as Jump-Off points used in the game. Since I don't even know if they are worth any points I am of course counting on Curt's generous nature.
I thought about including his city of residence on one of the signs but given that I cant find any explanation whatsoever to justify the name in a Normandy setting I decided against it.

I forgot to include the brands in the mailing post at Curt's site but here they are:

West Wind